My approach to meditation instruction is intuitive, secular, and individually-tailored. One size does not fit all.

For each person I create a customized system that addresses your personal needs and helps you to evolve in the ways which are most beneficial and meaningful to you. Some of the ways I can support you include:

  • Personal training for the brain, giving you techniques to sharpen your concentration skills, while also relieving stress and anxiety related issues
  • Spiritual life coaching, empowering you to evoke change and improvement in your life though meditation, writing and other exercises.
  • Help gaining relief and recovery from panic attacks, sleep issues, addiction issues, chronic pain and more.
  • Mindfulness solutions for sexual issues, or enhancing your sex life using meditation techniques.

A typical session with me lasts one hour and includes instruction, discussion, and meditation. During the session, I will teach you techniques that will best address the areas that you want to work on. We will also talk about both surface and underlying issues that are affecting you. For some people half of the session is used for discussion, while for others a majority of the time is spent in meditation. Each and every session is molded to be most beneficial to you.

Sessions are $200 each or $750 for a package of four sessions. I accept cash, checks, Venmo, Paypal, and all major credit cards. I offer a sliding scale if you have financial constraints. Contact me to discuss this.