For Meditation With Jessica

Working on my meditation practice with Jessica has given me the moments of pause I needed to process my past and present, but in a very direct manner. It has allowed me to question my inner thought life, to let the negative judgments go, and to create a new, loving self regard. After one year of daily meditation using the various techniques Jessica has introduced, I can say that I am an entirely different person- I am the person I always wanted to be.


Jessica has an incredible talent for giving advice and offering solutions and guidance to everyone—from the total meditation novice to the experienced practitioner. Her class has been paramount in deepening my practice, enhancing my life, and introducing me to other like-minded people.


Jessica is a wonderful meditation coach who conveys information in an open and informative way. Jessica has a clear passion for meditation and speaks from the soul. She creates a safe, accepting space to share experiences and ask questions.


Jessica has an incredible gift for this work. Her calm demeanor combined with total acceptance and amazing intellect channeled through years of meditation experience and inquiry create a therapeutic experience unlike any other I have tried. And I have tried them all. Whenever I commit and work with Jessica privately for any length of time, my life just gets better.